About us

“Actors agency” is the first talent and casting agency in the country that manages professional actors and other talents in their work on sets in Lithuania and abroad.

“Actors agency” is providing casting services as well. Though our agency just started talent representation business, professionals working for the agency are well known and acknowledged in the industry. One article in the popular cultural journal in Lithuania, “Pravda”, called Andrius Paulavičius and Donatas Šimukauskas (who are the backbone of the agency) the “sharks of the casting business”. They worked with such stars like Woody Harelson, Ben Kingsley, Emilie Mortimer, Thomas Kretchman, Andie Tiernan, Petr Tochilin, Murad Alijev, Robert Dornhelm, Kai Wessel, Brad Anderson, Jurij Moroz, etc. Andrius and Donatas have established experience how and were to get foreign actors and personally know and work with almost all known and unknown theatre and movie artists in the country.

“Actors agency” is working with commercials as well. We have discovered thousands of new faces. As a matter of fact, we are interested not only in professional actors, but are constantly looking for new talents wanting to be discovered, get professional advice and to become a star at least for one day. We look forward to meet you.